Section A – 1 pm-2:08 pm




Staff Pick
Director: Di Xin Producer: Eric Schwartz
Writer: Martin Aguilera
10:25 min., Narrative

In 90’s Brooklyn, Cora, a lonely girl in search of connection, discovers a movie rental store that delivers films based on how she feels. The movies lift her up and make her feel less alone but soon she wants more than the films, she wants to know the person behind the locked door of this strange store.


Director: Ellie Foumbi
Producer: Sola Fasehun
15:00 min., Narrative

An adopted Black Mennonite is torn between her faith and her desire to explore the outside world.

Producer/Director: Candy Guinea
17:20 min., Documentary

Mariposa documents the challenges of Castro, a masculine-of-center, high school teacher, becoming pregnant and growing a family with her wife Candy. Castro is overwhelmed with anxiety about how becoming pregnant will shift her masculine presentation. Together they confront the many physical, emotional, and societal obstacles they encounter on their journey of trying to conceive as a queer couple.

Mothers of Luna
Directors: Alicia Albares
Producers: Al Diaz , Pedro de la Escalera, Álex Samaranch
15 min., Narrative

Four women, of different places in the world, are united by the voice of a very special baby: the little girl that was not able to be born of them, but who lived in their tummies. She narrates her past lives while struggles for her primary goal: to be born.

Section B – 2:10 pm- 3:03 pm




In The Face of What We Remember
Oral Histories of 409 & 555 Edgecombe Avenue (Invited Film)
Producers:  Karen D. Taylor/While We Are Still Here, Jamal Joseph, Michael Tyner
Length: 15:30 min. (Excerpt)
Category: Documentary

Moving against time and gentrification, the people of 409 and 555 share a little-known history. This 15-minute cut of the feature-length film is the story of two buildings that were, perhaps, the sweetest addresses on Sugar Hill. W.E.B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson, Renaissance Men; bandleader, Count Basie; heavyweight champion, Joe Louis; visual artist Elizabeth Catlett; and vocalist Cassandra Wilson called either 409 or 555 home.

Into My Life
Directors: Sarah Keeling, Grace Remington, Ivana Hucikova
Producers: Grace Remington
15:11 min., Documentary

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in the largest affordable housing cooperative in Brooklyn, Cassandra Bromfield’s world was artfully framed by her mother’s Super-8 camera. A schoolteacher with many creative talents, Cassandra’s mom documented the exuberance of her neighborhood’s public spaces.

Cedar Tree of Life
Director: Odessa Shuquaya
Producers: April Johnson, Odessa Shuquaya
Length: 10:36 min., Documentary

Three Indigenous women hold knowledge of Cedar, passed down from their grandmothers and mothers. They commune with this sacred tree as they practice and share their culture and art in both traditional and contemporary contexts. Cedar is a life-giver.

Directors: Davonne Dupart
3:01 min., Animation

Leetha is a six-year-old girl who is headed to school on her own for the first time. Her mother, although reluctant, lets her daughter go. Leetha becomes frightened along the journey and her fears manifest into a giant crow that chases her. Her mother follows behind drawing chalk bridges, tunnels and a birdcage to trap Leetha’s fears and help her arrive at school.

Section C – 3:05 pm – 4:03 pm




Piu Piu
Directors: Naima Ramos-Chapman
Producers: Terence Nance, Jason Hightower
10 min., Narrative







Piu Piu is a short film about Jordan (Natalie Paul – The Deuce) taking a mundane trip to the city that turns into a surrealist nightmare. When Jordan, a restless young woman, decides to — without reason — ditch her boyfriend (Terence Nance – An Oversimplification of Her Beauty) for a moment of freedom she soon discovers this gamble reaps reward but not without risk as she contends with monstrous abuses across several planes of existence: mindfully, physically and spiritually.


My Life, Interrupted
Directors: Alana Devich Cyril
Producers: Alana Devich Cyril, Alexander L. Lee
Length: 9:24 min.
Category: Documentary

Alana Devich Cyril is on a quest to figure out how to navigate life following a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. In this comical, poignant documentary, she wants to show the world what her life looks like, but things like 3 million doctor appointments and a fear of travel get in her way.

Director: Desha Dauchan
Producers: Karla Mosley, Tina Huang, Felecia Hunter
12 min., Narrative

Xin (“heart” in Mandarin) is the story of a woman haunted by the ghost of her mother after being her caregiver and watching her succumb to Atypical Parkinson’s Disease. With the help of her therapist, she tries to gain clarity on the nature of the hauntings. Are they a product of her grief and guilty conscience? Xin is a psychological drama/horror about surrender, grief and healing.

Directors: Eboni Adams
Producers: Eboni Adams
16:37 min., Narrative

Grace’s younger sister Angela has made it clear that she has a family of her own and can no longer care for their father. On this particular day, we go on a journey with Grace as she struggles between taking care of her father who suffers from early signs of dementia or missing out on a job opportunity that could rekindle her love, teaching.

Section D – 4:05 pm-5:21 pm




To Be
Producer/Director:Farzaneh omidvarnia
6 min., Animation

To Be is about a whole chunk of human society being stranded, from unborn fetus to the decrepit, seeking a venue whence they can establish a living, braving perils on this mission the lesser of which they wouldn’t dare face in their home country. It is not about weathering a storm and coming to safety, it is about storming one unfriendly climate after the next. The question is: what it takes “to be”?

21 and Done
Director: Kiara C Jones
Producers: Kiara C Jones, Jocelyn Scott
64  min., Documentary

21 is a celebrated age for many young Americans, but if you’re aging out of the Foster Care system, the countdown can feel more like a ticking time bomb. What should be a age for celebrating adulthood becomes a time of anxiety, desperation and danger for these young adults.

Feature Film, 5:20 pm-7:30 pm

Mr. Soul! Directed by Melissa Haizlip & Sam Pollard




On Oct 6, 2018, from 5:20 pm-7:30 pm, Reel Sisters is proud to announce a feature screening and conversation of Mr. Soul! directed by Melissa Haizlip and Sam Pollard! Before Oprah – before Arsenio – there was Mr. SOUL!  Ellis Haizlip makes television broadcast history with SOUL!, America’s first “black Tonight Show.” Join Reel Sisters for an exciting evening honoring the legacy of one of America’s first openly gay talk show hosts to celebrate Black pride, culture and art. Director Melissa Haizlip will join special guests in discussing Ellis Haizlip’s contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.

Right on the heels of the Civil Rights Movement, one fearless black pioneer reconceived a Harlem Renaissance for a new era, ushering giants and rising stars of Black American culture onto the national television stage. He was hip. He was smart. He was innovative, political and gay. In his personal fight for social equality, this man ensured the revolution would be televised.

The man was Ellis Haizlip. The Revolution was SOUL! – an amazing weekly television show that aired on public television. From 1968 to 1973, the public-television variety show SOUL!, guided by the enigmatic producer and host Ellis Haizlip, offered an unfiltered, uncompromising celebration of black literature, poetry, music, and politics—voices that had few other options for national exposure, and, as a result, found the program an improbable place to call home. The series was among the first to provide expanded images of African Americans on television, shifting the gaze from inner-city poverty and violence to the vibrancy of the Black Arts Movement. With participants’ recollections and a bevy of great archival clips, Mr. SOUL! captures a critical moment in culture whose impact continues to resonate.

ELLIS HAIZLIP, the Producer of the WNET/PBS weekly television show, “SOUL.”
Set interview with Toni Morrison. 1972





1-Day Pass @ Miller Theater, Oct. 6, 2018




1-Day Pass @Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Oct. 20, 2018




1-Day Pass @Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Oct. 21, 2018