Event description

Tickets: $7 – $12 || SECTION B – October 6, 2018 • 2:10pm – 3:03pm

In The Face of What We Remember
Oral Histories of 409 & 555 Edgecombe Avenue (Invited Film)

Producers:  Karen D. Taylor/While We Are Still Here, Jamal Joseph, Michael Tyner
Length: 15:30 min. (Excerpt)
Category: Documentary

Moving against time and gentrification, the people of 409 and 555 share a little-known history. This 15-minute cut of the feature-length film is the story of two buildings that were, perhaps, the sweetest addresses on Sugar Hill. W.E.B. Du Bois and Paul Robeson, Renaissance Men; bandleader, Count Basie; heavyweight champion, Joe Louis; visual artist Elizabeth Catlett; and vocalist Cassandra Wilson called either 409 or 555 home.