Rochelle Rose, director of Super Chef. Photo: Iman Childs.

Rochelle Rose, director of Super Chef. Photo: Iman Childs.

Reel Talk with Rochelle Rose, director of the family-friendly food comedy, Super Chef

by Reel Sisters correspondent Iman Childs

Rochelle Rose, a recent MFA graduate of Florida State University, made her short film, Super Chef, while she was still a student. The film centers on Albert, a nerdy child afflicted with an array of food allergies. Feeling lonely and excluded from his processed food-loving peers at summer camp, he creates Super Chef, an imaginary hero to help him battle GMOs.

Rose comments that she was “inspired to write Super Chef based on the depravity of food resources here in America.” She continues, “I just wanted to make light of it because I think food can be fun, yet in the same instance, I would love to encourage and teach people how to pay attention to what they eat and where it comes from.”

As both the director and screenwriter for the film, Rose found it difficult to balance the comedic elements with imparting impactful nutrition information. She hopes to expand on this educational component in future iterations of this story.

“As I continue to develop the story, I’m working on providing a longer platform for it, like a short series for television or something in that regard. I’m hoping to encourage more facts to be in there or/and to have a subculture that just supports the story with more information.”

Watch the full interview to hear Rochelle Rose discuss in more detail the production challenges she faced, the role of animation in the film, and her goal to promote healthy eating through her work.

About Rochelle Rose

Mix one part fun and two parts moral and you have the beginnings of a Rochelle Rose. Raised in the storybook town of Claremont, California, her enthusiasm for communicating with others led her to her passion for film. Before all of her time was consumed by earning a MFA in Film Production at Florida State University, she prided herself in having watched every single episode of the Food Network’s Chopped. When she isn’t writing or directing, Rochelle can be found eating.

Super Chef screens at LIU Brooklyn on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 7:18 pm.

Tickets are $10.