SATURDAY, OCT. 21, 2017 1 PM-9:30 PM,


SECTION A – Magic Johnson Theater – 1 pm-2 pm





By The Tide                       

Director: Estefania Fadul    

Producer: Nike Kadri

Ina Langston, devastated by the turmoil of unceasing sorrow, is wrestling with her desire to end her time on Earth and her love for the two most important people in her life: Constance, her girlfriend, and Oscar, a paranormal figure.


Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Medical School (Invited)           

Director: Jennifer Wager

Producers: Poonam Srivastava, Gail Walker, Dr. Melissa Barber, Cyrille Phipps

Cuba’s Latin American Medical School is the largest medical school in the world, training nearly 30,000 doctors since 1999. ELAM as it is known in Spanish, also trains doctors from the United States. Follow the amazing adventure of American doctors trained in Cuba as they return home to the US to serve communities struggling with a health crisis in this inspirational film.


Proclamation Punctuation

Director: Sewra G Kidane

Producer: Namakula Nasejje Musoke

Proclamation Punctuation is an enthralling fashion film centered on a fabulously fascinating woman reciting a short soliloquy paying homage to her love for using exclamation points in her missives. Periods are so period, whereas an

exclamation point livens up a sentence.


SECTION B – Magic – 2:05 pm-3:15 pm




The Tale of Four (Invited)           

Director: Gabourey Sidibe

Producers: Lisa Cortes, Shannon Gibson, Kia Perry, Xavier Francis, Kate Bolger

From the Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe, best known for her roles in the hit Fox series EMPIRE and box office movie PRECIOUS, comes The Tale Of Four. Her directorial debut, inspired by Nina Simone’s song, “Four Women,” this narrative explores the inner lives of Aunt Sarah (played by Grammy-nominated singer Ledisi), bound and burdened by duty; Saffronia (played by Meagan Kimberly Smith from hit movie Blindspot) who is searching for identity; Sweet Thing (played by Dana Gourrier from the hit movie The Butler) who looks to reconcile sex with love; and Peaches (played by Aisha Hinds from the hit series Underground) who seeks justice for her son. Separate stories reflective of multi-faceted African American women connected by the inner city building that they live in, ultimately converge on one fateful day through unheralded acts of bravery.


SECTION C – Magic – 3:20 pm-4:15 pm




The Creed (Invited)

Length: 16 min., 48 sec.

Director/Writer: Stacey Muhammad

Producers: Marc Lamont Hill, Michael A. Pinckney and Wendell Jordan

A grieving couple struggles to cope with the murder of their son while contemplating taking justice into their own hands. The murder of Brandon Lee, a 15-year-old African American student, by Vincent Pagliaro, a white cop, intensifies racial tension between a community who feels terrorized by police and a department committed to protecting its own.



Director: Alex J.Campbell    

Producer: Candace Onyeama

HUSH is a short drama set in London that tells the story of an extraordinary day in the life of a British Nigerian family. When their youngest daughter Uche stops talking, her silence reveals uncomfortable truths.


SECTION D – Magic – 4:21 pm-5:28 pm





Director: Tamika Miller  

Producers: Tamika Miller, Vitaly Koshman, Sophia Solomon,

Tracy “Twinkle” Byrd

Tempers flare when 12 grand jurors deliberate whether to indict, or not indict, a police officer who allegedly kills a man during an arrest.


everything I did wrong in my 20’s                        

Director: Lyn Ross, Kim Williams  

Producers: Kim Williams, Paul Baker

A 35+ year old woman’s search for happiness as she reflects on the choices she made in her 20’s. Season 3 of a popular web series.


Saving Father                       

Director: Rosalyn Coleman Williams

Producer: Craig T. Williams

Widower Henry believes he has a new lease on life. Daughter Fran knows that HIV does not discriminate. How do they bridge the generation gap with love, understanding, growth and awareness?


SECTION E – Magic – 5:33 pm-6:14 pm





Harlem Love (Invited)

Director: Rich Joseph  

Producer: Nadhege Ptah, Yvette P. Joseph

Harlem Love is a period piece set in the 1920’s about a young couple whose relationship is instantly tested. They struggle to find the strength to stay together, ultimately deciding their fate at the altar.


Prudence (Invited)

Director/Writer: Angela Jude

Producer: Lauren Mok

Prudence, a dishonorably discharged World War II nurse dealing with dementia and the loss of her female companion since the war, shuts out the world inside her room at the senior home. One day she receives an invitation to the Veteran’s Day Dance at the home. With a wandering mind and aching soul, she sets out on an adventure to get to the dance to see her love once more.


Louisiana 1961 (Invited)                                   

Director: Bobby Huntley

Producers: Bobby Huntley, Chet Brewster, Christopher Brad McCracklin, Nikki Wade

From Bobby Huntley, best known as the director of the smash BET biopic The New Edition Story, comes a rousing love story set against a backwoods, honky tonk blues performance. We follow a simple boy-meets-girl story with intense, intercut passionate scenes.


SECTION F – Magic – 6:19 pm-7:32 pm





That’s Why They Calls Us Colored

Director: Malika Franklin, Ashton Pina

Producer: Malika Franklin

A distant relative comes to a family reunion and comes to terms with his family history in this delightful short.


Tourments D’Amour           

Director: Jules Caroline

Producer: Dyens Ron

On an island off the coast of Guadeloupe, two sisters, Myriam and Vanessa, have planned to stay for a few days in the family house, where the sweet memory of their grandmother is still vivid. But Vanessa is not aware that a particular guest is expected for lunch and when she catches sight of their father, a cold and quiet man that she didn’t want to see anymore, it is too late to escape the confrontation.


SECTION G – Magic – Special Feature – 7:37 pm-9:17 pm




A Feature Presentation TBA shortly! Stay tuned!