SECTION A – 1 pm-2 pm




The Dog Trader, 14:43 min.

Boxed, 6 min.

The Perfect Sacrifice, 20 min.

Ashley’s The World Series, 10 min.

On Oct. 20, 2018, 2:06 pm, the Reel Sisters Lecture Series & Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting will present Our Stories. Our Medicine. In Conversation with Ericka Huggins moderated by award-winning television and film writer/producer Valerie WoodsVenue: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, 445 Albee Square West, 4th Floor. Sponsored by Stephens College MFA in TV and Screenwriting.

Recorded in Oakland, CA for Reel Sisters of the Diaspora 2018, this conversation with activist, poet, and educator, Ericka Huggins, explores the transformative and healing power of speaking the truth of our stories. As the longest-serving woman in Black Panther Party leadership, a former political prisoner, widowed at 20 and separated from her newborn daughter for two years awaiting trial, Ms. Huggins turned to meditation to keep her sanity. Her spiritual practices have served to sustain her as a mother, grandmother, and social justice activist.

SECTION B – 3:42 pm-5:02 pm

Cross My Heart, 13:32 min.

Token, 12 min.

Are We Good Parents?, 15 min.

Good Girls Don’t, 15 min.





She Rhymes Like A Girl, 7 min.

Uplifting His Village, 10 min.

A Dream Is What You Wake Up From, 50 min.

SECTION A – 1 PM-2:10 PM

Veer, 7 MIN.

El Roi: The God Who Sees Me, 4 min.

Minstrel Vs Puppet, 6:33 min.

We Have Our Ways, 15:26 min.

SECTION B – 2:15 pm-3:27 pm

Ohero: Kon: Under the Husk, 26:46 min.

SECTION C – 3:30 pm-4:40 pm




Petals, 3 min.

Husband, Wife, Banana, 20 min.

In The Field, 14:22 min

The Next Right Thing, 10 min. (INVITED FILM)

SECTION D – 4:45 PM-5:55 PM




Drawn Together: Comic, Diversity & Stereotypes, 52:01 min.

SECTION E – 6 PM-7:05 PM




Tomato Soup, 3:25 pm

A Chocolate Conquest, 3 min.

Gumbo, 49 min.

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