Cuba’s Latin American Medical School is the largest medical school in the world, training nearly 30,000 doctors since 1999. ELAM as it is known in Spanish, also trains doctors from the United States. Follow the amazing adventure of American doctors trained in Cuba as they return home to the US to serve communities struggling with a health crisis in this inspirational film.


Jennifer Wager is a Newark-based cinematographer and director of Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Medical School, Venezuela Rising and Against the Silence: The Families of the Cuban Five Speak Out.

Wager is an Assistant Professor at Essex County College, where she directs the Communications and New Media Technology programs. She produces for Pacifica Radio/NYC’s Cuba in Focus, as well as the TV series, Newark City of Poets and served as director of photography and editor of Newark Forward: State of the City 2017 documentary. In March 2017, she launched “She Got the Shot!” a Digital Humanities project documenting women cinematographers from around the world. She holds an M.A. in African and African American Studies from Ohio State University and an M.A. in Communication and Technology from Georgetown University.